Zenfolio | Patti Cox | Torgnon - 2001, Italy
Created 7-Dec-13
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From farmhouse - early morningMatterhorn from Lago GoilletMatterhorn and Dent d'Herens from Lago GoilletWest to Dent d'Herens from below Lago GoilletBelow Lago ChamplongMatterhorn from Alpe MabergeGolf course at CerviniaMatterhorn from below Rif. BobbaOn road to ChamoisStaddlestone house at TriatelAbove Etirol at Alpe ChancevellaAbove CerviniaTC and Brian, plus guide, on the summit of the BreithornMatterhorn from summit of BreithornAbove TorgnonOn path to Alpe ChamplongMatterhorn from above CerviniaLa Ville, ChamoisCervinia and MatterhornColle Portola, looking to Monte Rose group

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